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SİMGETEK Code of Ethics has been designed to assist our valued employees (you) to comply with the laws and ethical principles that govern our business and to implement our core values mentioned in the written rules. The Code has been formed to raise our corporate value standards and to define the principles and practices that all of the employees of Simgetek should comply including the board of directors and administrators. Also, these rules apply to customers, suppliers, subcontractors and third parties who are in business association with us.

By this Code of Business, it has been aimed to reach the highest quality of services, to work as a family, to obtain fair and honest working behavior of the employees and to carry out our relations with our customers, suppliers and third parties within the framework of these business ethics rules.

SİMGETEK Code of Business Ethics addresses significant legal and ethical issues that we usually encounter in our daily business life. When faced with a situation not covered in our Ethics Policy, we are all expected to take the right steps. Before making any decision that may affect Simgetek,

  • Is it legal and fair?
  • Does it comply with SİMGETEK Code of Business Ethics?
  • Would other employees’ reputation or Simgetek’s be negatively affected?
  • Could the action taken easily be told to relatives and family?

If one cannot answer “yes” to all above questions, no action must be taken. You should not take any action or make a decision until you receive any guidance from Human Resources and Department Manager about the situation.

We all should be aware of that the consequences of the steps we take represent Simgetek and, therefore, hold liable. No target related to work is more important than compromising on SİMGETEK Code of Business Ethics.

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